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Lie To Me


Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Samuel Baum

Actors: Tim Roth, Kelli Williams and Brendan Hines

Release Date: 2009

Plot:Dr. Cal Lightman teaches a course in body language and makes an honest fortune exploiting it. He's employed by various public authorities in various investigations…

Season       1            2            3     
    • S3, Ep13   Killer App    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep12   Gone    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep11   Saved    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep10   Rebound    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep9   Funhouse    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep8   Smoked    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep7   Veronica    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep6   Beyond Belief    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep5   The Canary's Song    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep4   Double Blind    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep3   Dirty Loyal    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep2   The Royal We    NA   EUR   Free
    • S3, Ep1   In the Red    NA   EUR   Free
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