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Queen of the South


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Hemky Madera, Veronica Falcón, Victoria Anuario

Release Date: 2016

Plot:Teresa flees Mexico after her drug-runner boyfriend is murdered. Settling in Spain, she looks to become the country's reigning drug smuggler and to avenge her lover's murder.

Season       1            2            3     
    • S3, Ep13   El Mundo    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep12   Justicia    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep11   Diez De Copas    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep10   La Muerte    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep9   El Diablo    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep8   El Carro    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep7   La Reina de Espadas    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep6   Los Enamorados    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep5   El Juicio    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep4   La Fuerza    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep3   Queen of Pentacles    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep2   El Colgado    NA   EUR   Free
    • S3, Ep1   La Ermitana    NA   EUR   Free
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