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The Odd Couple


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Wendell Pierce

Release Date: 2015

Plot:After being kicked out of their houses by their wives, two friends try to share an apartment, but their ideas of housekeeping and lifestyles are as different as night and day.

Season       1            2            3     
    • S3, Ep13   Conscious Odd Coupling    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep12   The God Couple    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep11   Batman vs. The Penguin    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep10   Should She Stay or Should She Go?    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep9   My Best Friend's Girl    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep8   Felix Navidad    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep7   The Odd Couples    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep6   Eisen Trouble    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep5   Miss England    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep4   Taffy Days    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep3   I Kid, You Not    NA   EUR
    • S3, Ep2   Food Fight    NA   EUR   Free
    • S3, Ep1   London Calling    NA   EUR   Free
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